Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fast Defense Release!

 Fast defense is "One hand simple defense game".
 Is composed of a basic graphics and sounds.

 Select the difficulty level,and touch the "START".
 Then game begin.
 The bullets are shot automatically.
 Choose your bullets color from tandem buttons.
 You can play with right hand only.
 (Of course you can set for left-handed in menu screen).

 Flow of the game:
 Enemy's weak is same color bullets.You can beat in one shot.
 If wrong color choosed,needs three bullets for killing enemy.
 Select the right bullet.
 The enemy appears in groups.
 As you defeat the three groups, the wave level up, enemies will become faster.
 Life reduces when the enemy hits you,and when life is zero is game over.
 Life gains per 10 wave.
 You can select several items on the menu,
 You can play for your device environment.

 -Fast progress
 -Difficulty can be selected
 -Old game graphics and sound
 -Small size

 Menu Screen:
 -Return to Title
 -On / off the music and sound effects
 -On / off various graphical effects
 -Help display
 -Switching to the left or right button to toggle bullet placement

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Menu screen
Game over          Blank                          Help

Music on/off        Shadow on/off              Sound on/off

Return                Toggle right or left        Grid on/off
                           -side bullet buttons

 If the lag happens, please turn off any functions.

Game screen

LIFE : Life remain.
NOW : Now group color.
NEXT : Next group color.
Red Numbers : Score.
Orange Numbers :
-Enemies remein of this group.
-Groups remein of this wave.
White Numbers : Now wave level.
Triangle/Square/Sircle : Bullet buttons.
Center of circle : Player.
Sian triangles : Enemies of blue.


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