Thursday, July 28, 2011

AZTECA-00/01 Release!

-AD advertise and free.

-No AD and paid.

In another universe is never-ending battle continues today. 
Face floating in space "AZTEC-00/01" has been attacked by horrible monsters.
You manipulate with"AZTEC-00/01"  and defeat them!

AZTECA-00/01 are simple shooting game.
Also capacity is less than 1MB and there is no loading time.

Flow of the game:
You are the face located in the center of the screen.
Can shoot bullets at 360 degrees, and enemies will come towards from 360.
Defeating a certain number of enemies, go to the next wave, which is repeated until no life.

Youtube link:

Here is screenshot.
I explein some of elements.

This screenshot is title screen.
The toach : Lives remain.
The UFO : Bombs remain.
Number of white of right up : Score.
Number of yellow green of right up : Wave level.
Number of center : Level chooser.
- You can choose starting wave level with to touch this.(0~90Level)
The face : Player.
Numbers of bottom : Highscore and wave numbers.
AZTECA : title
SPINAL : me! 

This screenshot is Playing screen.

Left side toach in green box : You get life+1 with destroy this.
Right side UFO in green box : You get bomb+1 with destroy this.
Looks like green human : Basic bullet.
and there numbers : score of defeated enemy.
purple circles of right : Kind of bullet.
-Looks like human : You can use basic bullet.
-Flaming tequila : Wide range splash damage.
-Slow bubble : Enemies will be slowly(splash).but bubbles have no attack power.

- Touch the space : Bullet is shot towards touch point.
- Touch the face : Bomb,use 1 UFO.
- Touch each purple circles : Choose kind of bullet.
- Menu button : Be menu mode.

This screenshot is menu screen.
- This game be pause while in menu mode.

Left up mask : Be gameover.
Left center speaker : BGM on/off.
Left bottom arrow : return game.

Right up question : Show help screen.
Right center speaker : SE on/off.

Here is explain of mask.
Small square of left bottom is mask.
When you get to touch a mask, "the size or power to enhance or speed up the bullet," lasting until the end effects such as wave.

Masks are strong !!

Mask name : La fuerza de guerrero
- Bullet power super enhance.

Mask name : Velocidad de guerrero
- Bullet speed enhance.

Mask name : Grande de Guerrero
- Bullet size and power enhance.

Mask name : Perfecto de Guerrero
- All Bullet elements enhance.

I hope you have fun is this game.

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